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    Bontrager direct mount brakes

    Are these good or should I switch them out for Ultegra? I already ran into a couple of issues with them: wouldn't take Kool Stop pads without filing the slot in the pad where the retention pin fits in, and squeaky springs that needed a shot of WD40.

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    I had a 7 series Madone where I upgraded the Bontrager DM brakes to Shimano. That included the rear brake that was under the chainstays. I think they're definitely easier to set up and fine tune. I think performance (stopping power) was improved, but that could be wishful thinking. I'm pretty sure I put on new pads that came with the Shimano brakes.

    I have the Bontragers on my Emonda. I think the end of the allen bolts that center the brakes must be shaped like the point of a drill bit. If I barely tweak the bolt then the centering of the pads jumps, and I can't really fine tune it. Other than that, they work, they stop fine especially since I upgraded to the SwissStop Black Prince pads.

    If you switch to the Shimanos, I think the gains are there but minimal. If you don't have the Bontragers and are deciding which to buy, then I'd probably get Shimano.

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