brake adjustment help?
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    brake adjustment help?

    Having troubles getting my front brake set up. The rear brake feels good and strong, but the front is slow or I'm halfway in the brake lever motion before I get any kind of braking action and I can squeeze all the way to to the handlebar and still not get any real braking power. I believe them to be set up correctly, minimal distance from the pad to the rim, centered properly and brake wire is tight. Just no braking power from the front calipers. I've checked out numerous sites like parktool but having found anything that I haven't done or that has helped. Any Ideas?

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    There is something either wrong with the cabling or the brake pad engagement.

    If you don't have the cable housing seated in the ferules, and the seated all the way into the brake lever, the bar tape can hold the housing away and absorb some of the power.

    If the pads have too much toe in or are otherwise engaging poorly, that can cause problems, too.

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