Brake Ferrule stuck...
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    Brake Ferrule stuck...

    It appears that my sweat may have welded the ferrule on my APEX front brake. Any tricks to get this thing loose? I've tried WD-40 and PB Blaster... no luck.



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    Carefully twist and pull w/ some good pliers. If that doesn't get it, you might have to get a new barrel adjuster. Sometimes you can drill them out if you have a the right size bit, but it almost always leaves some of the ferrule behind.

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    Usually it all comes apart... twisting and pulling is the best bet.

    Otherwise, remove cable.
    I would think the cable housing would somewhat unscrew as it is generally made of a spiral steel.

    Then you're left with just the ferrule stuck in. It should come out with some pliers, perhaps using a hammer and screwdriver to collapse it inwards before pulling with needle nose pliers.

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    Clip the cable, unscrew the adjuster, carefully remove the rubber grommet doo dad, and soak it in a little cup of ammonia. Ammonia dissolves aluminum oxide. Ditto Drano sink clearer. Should work fairly quickly.

    Caution: it may eat the aluminum adjuster too but, hey, it's already toast.

    Caution No. 2: Don't be tempted to do this on the bike. Ammonia doesn't play nice with aluminum.

    Caution No. 3: I would clip the cable and try to get it out with a pair of needle nose or linesman pliers first.
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