Brake Pads on eBay?
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    Brake Pads on eBay?

    Shimano L03A brake pads seem to retail for around $20-25 online through the big online shops, but I also see them for as low as $15 on eBay direct from Asia.

    Is it safe to buy them? Should I be concerned about counterfeit brake pads, or are they just cutting out the middle man?

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    They look legit to me. Same packaging we get them in.
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    I wouldn't buy them. I bought some M520 pedals on eBay. Packaging and looks were just like retail. They wouldn't work as the separation between the jaws was 1.6 mm closer than another pair I had and measured on my other bike. Clipping in was extremely difficult. The seller refunded my money and didn't ask for the pedals to be shipped back. Now, I'm super wary of anything I purchase on eBay and won't buy anything shipping directly out of China. Unfortunately, I thought I was OK as these pedals were shipped from the US. Amazing, as they counterfeited the looks and packaging of these pedals really well except they screwed up on the clamp measurements! The bearings were also pretty tight and didn't spin freely.

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