Campy Avanti 8speed shifter: Repair or Replace?
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    Campy Avanti 8speed shifter: Repair or Replace?

    My wife was "doored" yesterday by a NYC police officer. She was bruised badly but no broken bones. She has a really nice Bianchi with 8speed Avanti brake/shift levers from 1998. The components have very few miles on them and we need to keep the repair cost down becasue we have no idea if we will get reimbursed by the city and it could take months to even get anything.

    Besides looking on eBay for a used shifter what are my options:

    1) The plastic is broken which keeps the lever in place. Can this be replaced?

    2) If we need to replace the shifter I have heard that we could purchase 9speed shifters and also purchase a gear changer that would make it an 8speed shifter. Does anyone know if this is true? Can it be purchased from any bike shop via Quality Biycle Products What part number is it?

    3) This is an option I do not want to choose becasue of the expense involved but just in case we get fully reimbursed by the city...What parts would I need to change to make her Triple 8speed bike a Triple 9speed bike?
    I know that with Shimano I would need to replace the shifters, cassette, chain, and front chainrings to go from 8 to 9 but what about Campy?

    4) Any other inexpensive options? She does not have downtube shifters mounts so downtube shifters are not an option.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    1998 spare parts list..

    On the campy website, under service, spare parts, they still have a 1998 spare parts list, but it only includes complete ergo lever sets. None of the internal parts are listed like they are for newer models.

    Ebay is often a good source:

    Changing to 9 or 10 speed requires a new rear hub. The front derailleur and chainrings are OK for 9 speed. Campy made no changes to the chainring spacing until 10 speed was introduced.

    It wouldn't make a lot of sense to buy new 9 speed parts, since all groups down to the Veloce level are 10 speed.

    If you're smart, you'll get a lawyer. A single phone call to the city's insurance provider should be enough to get you the money for a whole new bike (unless they are self-insured like the US government). About 15 years ago, a friend of mine was run off the road and received $2000 just for signing a waiver that said he would not sue for injuries in the future. He wasn't injured and his bike was not damaged. His riding buddy was not as lucky.
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    options available

    QBP does have some of the older style, bushing, right side bodies, in stock. They are not in the 2004 catalog.The part # is LD9737. That vintage AVANTI used the same, or same type of body that the Veloce's did. They also shared the same internals. So you, your shop or the Campagnolo Service Center at QBP could repair it by switching over the guts to a new body. The other option is for you, your shop, or the QBP Campy Service Center to convert a new pair of 9 speed ergolevers to 8.

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    I'm sure that you could get 8 speed Chorus or Record Ergolevers pretty cheap on Ebay. Since they will be well used, you might want to send them to branford bike to have them rebuilt to "new" condition.(
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    A few more answers

    8 speed hubs can be converted to 9 or 10 speed by buying a "9" speed freehub which accepts a 9 or 10 speed cassette

    So if you wanted to convert your bike to a 9 speed triple you would need to buy:
    9 speed freehub body
    9 speed cassette
    9 speed rear derailleur
    9 speed chain
    New set of 9 speed shifters....... OR Campy makes an index gear for the 97- 98 ergos so you could repair and convert your original 8 speed shifters to work with the new generation 9 speed derailleur.

    All Campagnolo front ergolevers are double or triple compatible

    Your 8 speed crank and front derailleur should work fine with the 9 speed parts

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