Campy Centaur (ca. 2009) Keep or Upgrade
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    Campy Centaur (ca. 2009) Keep or Upgrade

    So now that I'm finished building my new Litespeed T5, I'm starting to research component upgrades from my existing and much-loved 2009-ish Campy Centaur 10-sp group set. I know it's getting harder and harder to find these components, and it won't get any easier as time goes on. I have no idea how may thousands of miles this gruppo has on it, or how much more life is left in it, but it was all new about 10 years ago and has worked flawlessly. I'm trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and upgrade to either Chorus or Record 11-sp now, or just hang onto the Centaur stuff for another year or so. I know Campy is pushing 12-speed and eventually that will be the primary group set in the line. I don't think I can go 12-speed with my current Shamal Ultra wheel set. I'm not interested in any EPS setup, or Shimano gear, for a number of different reasons. So, what would you guys do in this situation?

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    Threads asking questions like this crack me up. You're gonna get some advice saying hang on to the 10 speed for now and then go 12 when you're ready. Then you're going to have people saying screw it, get yourself current now and don't worry about it. In the end it's a decision only you can make. I doubt anyone here knows you well enough to have any real valuable input. I guess if you really can't make a decision you could put up a poll and do it that way. Going to 11 is the less expensive option if you decide to upgrade, so there's that.

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    I know the input is going to be varied and I'm OK hashing out all of the opinions on my own and working into my own research. I'm more or less trying to get some insight into what kinda of parts availability for my existing setup I might expect down the road if I keep it. It's working fine right now, but I'd like to prevent being forced into an upgrade if I find myself needing a 10-sp derailleur or a cassette, etc. I don't think I'm even remotely considering 12-sp at this point as it would likely require upgrading my nice new Shamal Ultra's that, according to Campy, are only compatible with 9/10/11-sp cassettes.

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    If you love your current components that much just buy some spare parts now while you can find them. You can keep the bike rolling for the next 50 years as it is

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    If it is 2009, you'd have a pretty special version of Centaur... multi gear shifts with the newer lever design, but still 10 speed and backwards compatible with almost all older 10 speed. You can also buy just the body for the levers and convert it to 11 speed pretty easily. The beauty of Campagnolo is that you can still rebuild and service the components, even the newer ones if you know where to look. I just rebuilt my 09 Centaur levers and they work as good as new. I did opt for a Chorus crankset when I bought the parts back in 09 because of the chainrings.
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    Campy 12 will work with all modern Campy hubs from 9-11 speed. I have 2020 Chorus 12 groups on both of my bikes and they work really great. I've been using Campy since the days of 9 speed and the new 12 speed works better than anything previous. I even sold off most of a 2018 11 speed group, when I made the switch (kept only the brakes).

    I also sold off the parts from my older bike that had Centaur 10 speed levers, converted to 11 speed. The rest of the parts were various years of Chorus 10 and 11 speed parts.

    Riding in the Colorado mountains and now at age 66, I needed some lower gears. I went with the new 48/32 crank and 11-34 cassette.

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