Can Garmin Varia radar talk to a Wahoo ELEMNT?
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    Can Garmin Varia radar talk to a Wahoo ELEMNT?

    Back story: Wife was in a catastrophic crash last year, fractured her C2 vertebrae, had emergency spine surgery which fused C1-4. She'll permamently have restricted range of motion in side-to-side rotation

    ...and yet she wants to get back on the bike. (Eventually.)

    We're modifying her cockpit to make the rider position compatible with her newly titanium-reinforced forward head restrictions, and we're adding some swanky bar-end rearview mirrors. But she loves the idea of Garmin's Varia rear-facing radar as an added weapon in her arsenal of tools to compensate for not being able to easily look over her shoulder.

    Thing is, she hates Garmins. She has a Wahoo ELEMNT and loves it.

    Anyone know if there's a way to get the Garmin Varia radar to talk to the Wahoo ELEMNT head unit? ...maybe to display on the Wahoo's Quicklook LEDs?


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    Why yes, yes it can. It works quite well in fact.

    If you check out Shane Millers (GPLama) youtube channel, he has lots of details, including how to upload custom icons.

    Here is the specific video he put out when Wahoo released the firmware update.

    The Garmin Varia Radar is a really nice piece of kit. Definitely helps when riding in moderate traffic, especially if you have limited range of motion.

    It's somewhat less useful in heavy traffic, as there is pretty much always someone passing you.

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