carbon handlebar v carbon fork
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    carbon handlebar v carbon fork

    My quandary: I need to buy wider handlebars than the stock ones on my bike, a Bianchi Campione (2000 model). I have been considering getting some carbon handlebars (kestrel pro) to reduce shock to my hands and lighten up a bit. I have noticed several carbon forks for around 80 or 90 dollars, and have seen several good aluminum handlebars for around $40. So, I'm wondering what would make more overall difference: a new carbon handlebar vs a new aluminum handlebar and cheap carbon fork. Would a carbon fork also reduce hand fatigue? Any ideas?

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    get the fork..

    I'd look for a good CF fork on closeout, not a cheap one. Carbon bars do very little to improve comfort.

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    Agreed. Go for the quality CF fork and maybe some vibration dampening bartape (Specialized BG bar phat tape) instead.

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