Carbon steerer vs chromoly steerer
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    Carbon steerer vs chromoly steerer

    I been debating rather to buy a carbon forkwith carbon steerer or should I just buy one with chromoly steerer, is there a ride difference or it just save a litttle weight??

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    Since all of the weight is resting on the crown race at the base of the steerer, I don't see how using carbon is going to affect the ride characteristics. However, most of the weight saveing benefit of using a carbon fork comes with the carbon steerer.

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    Don't sweat the weight too much . . .

    You're right . . . there is weight savings by going with an all carbon fork (about 275 to 325 grams) or as much as three-quarters of a pound. However, you'll never see any difference in performance because of the weight alone (unless it's in the wheelset)

    In my case I had a steel frame with a chromoly steer-tubed fork (FYI: the whole bike, with Ultegra parts is 19 3/4 lbs.). I didn't mind (or notice) the extra weight . . . what I didn't like was the vagueness of the steering. The rake was 45mm. I was planning on changing the fork rake to 43. I ended up getting a new fork mainly because it could improve the steering of the bike . . . the weight savings was just an added benefit.

    The downside (and one you should think about) is the added concerns with bolt tensioning and proper installation of an all carbon fork. It cannot be stressed enough that an overtightened bolt or a poor installation can cause these lightweight forks to fail. A steel steerer is pretty much indestructable . . . the worst you can do is overtighten your stem and strip a stem bolt . . . carbon is a different story. If you've never installed a steerer before, I'd definitely let a pro mechanic change out the fork.

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    Why not use an Aluminum stearer ?
    Forks with Aluminum stearers weigh about 100 grams more than all carbon forks. With a steel stearer, you can add on another 200-300 grams.
    I can't think of any high quality carbon forks with steel strearers.
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