cassette cogs/mixing brands ?
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    cassette cogs/mixing brands ?

    Since it's raining and I was bored I decided to try and fine tune my gearing on my C50 so.....It had a Campy 10 speed originally and I had changed it over to a Interloc Racing cassette but have decided I can get a more desirable spread by mixing the two brands together. The way I ended up is using IR cogs for 28-25-23-21-19-17 then Campy 16-15-14-13. I know the IR cogs will wear a bit faster and that doesn't bother me, my concern is will there be any compatibility issues when it comes to shifting. On the work stand it seems to shift OK but things are always a bit different out on the road under power.

    Anyone see any issues with mixing brands?
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    As long as everything is the same spline and thickness, I don't see any reason why it would matter... individual cogs wear at different rates anyways.

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