Chorus UT CT vs. Centaur UT CT
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    Chorus UT CT vs. Centaur UT CT

    It's time for new cranks (no more FSA for me) and I'm trying to decide between Chorus and Centaur UT compact cranks. Aside from the obvious price/weight/bling differences, are there any appreciable functional differences? Any noticeable difference in stiffness? The rings are somewhat different, but is the shifting performance really any different? Do they both use the same quality bearings? Any other differences I should know about? I'd prefer Chorus, but I'm on a tight budget, so if Centaur is close to Chorus performance, I'll go with it.
    If I decide to get a new Campy QT front derailleur too, any appreciable difference between Centaur and Chorus?
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    I assume you're comparing the carbon versions of both of these? As you pointed out,the Chorus is a little lighter (14 grams, unless you're comparing to the Centaur alloy, in which case it's 149 grams) and has a little more bling. If I remember correctly, the Chorus uses a slightly higher grade bearing. The chainrings are made differently as well--Chorus has the EPS rings, which have an anti-fiction coating, while the Centaur does not.

    If you're on a budget, you really are not going to notice a huge difference, or, really, any difference, between the two. The Chorus will probably wear a little better over a lifetime. As far as the FD goes, definitely go for the Centaur. You'll notice no difference at all in normal riding.
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    Bearings are in the cups and the cups are sold as "record" level.

    No difference in the bearings, only the issue of finish and coatings on the rings.

    At this point in history, Centaur is the best bang for the buck there is in the world of cycling.

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    I think the bearings actually come on the crank, the cups are just cups. Other wise they would have to pressed onto the shaft. Not that I know of any difference in the bearings between component levels for 10 speed Campy.

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    All the bearings are the same from mirage to record. The chainrings are better on the chorus. For whatever reason (cost?) the chainrings on the carbon centaur are of a much lower finish than the alloy centaur crankset. If I was writing the check, I would choose chorus.
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    I've written the check twice and each time I went with Chorus.

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