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    Converting a triban 500 road bike into a straight handlebar bike

    Hi all, New starter here, Just intro'd myself on the beginners board.
    I bought a new carbon road bike and thought it would be straight forward to convert it to a hybrid flat handlebar bike but have hit a snag.
    What Ive done so far is fit tiagra brake levers and gear changers on to a new straight bar. My bike is at present 9 gear sora and I will order a tiagra10 speed chain, casset and new cables as the sora ones are worn. I was hoping the front and rear deraileurs would work with the tiagra shifters. But the new tiagra front triple gear changer would not move the deraileur unless I really force it. It was working well before so I am assuming that the tiagra changer wont work with a sora deraileur, Am I correct in this thinking?
    It's not a problem other than expense to buy a new tiagra deraileur but I'm not so sure it will work either.
    Could someone shed their knowledge on this.
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