Cotter Pins on Shimano Disc Brakes
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    Cotter Pins on Shimano Disc Brakes

    Shimano Road Disc Brake Callipers (R8070) have two cotter pins on the ends of bolts. I have so many questions!

    1. The first is on the end of one of the mounting bolts. Is it there to stop the bolt from loosening and allowing the caliper to get misaligned?
    2. Why isn't there one on the other bolt?
    3. The other is on the end of the bolt that holds the pad in place. Is that one there to stop that bolt from loosening and the pad from slipping out?
    4. How important are these pins? They are so tiny, I'm afraid of losing one. If I do, can I ride without it until I get a replacement? Are they there just so Shimano can CYA, or are they really important and they stop the system from failing?
    5. If they're so important, why can't Shimano come up with a better solution, rather than a tiny pin?
    6. If I lose one, where do I get a replacement? Will this work for the one on the brake pad?
    and this for the one on the mounting bolt:

    I've almost lost one in the past. I wonder if I should keep some spares on hand, or if it's NBD.

    Thank you! Brake Pins.jpg

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    You have to think if Shimano thinks it's a good idea to put those parts on the brake that it's probably a very good idea to keep them there. Sooooo...
    1) Yes, that's its purpose.
    2) It fell off?
    3) Yes. Keeps the pad retaining screw in the caliper doing it's thing...retaining the pads.
    4) If you keep your screws tight they aren't absolutely necessary. If want to have them. If the 'system fails' as you say guess what happens?
    5) Shimano is famous for stuff like this. That said they work really well if you're even reasonably careful.
    6) Yes and yes.

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