creek in the bottom bracket
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    creek in the bottom bracket

    I got a new Giant ocr Elite bike last month. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a creek in the bottom bracket when I put a lot of pressure on the crank. Being new a cycling, I waited a couple of weeks before I decided to call LBS. They told me it shouldn't creek and I brought the bike in and they pulled out the bottom bracket and re-greased it. It fixed the problem. My question is, is there a possibility that I might of damaged the bottom bracket ? My LBS assured me that I haven't nothing to worry about. I'm just looking for some opinions.

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    Should be fine now.
    Dont worry.
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    If you had trashed it, you likely would have noticed some problems with the crank by now. Honest! A quick lube by the LBS would not have made much difference if there were permanent damage to the BB, which by the way is a pretty stout piece of hardware. It is used to being under TREMENDOUS torque, so a little while of squeaking probably didn't bother it in the least.

    Most creaking is due to under-lubrication. The LBS appears to have corrected the problem. If your pedals turn correctly and don't grind, skip, or make other untoward noises, I'd say worry more about how you're going to pay for that fancy new bike than any problem with the bottom bracket.

    Relax, ride your GREAT new bike to death, and enjoy the road bike world. It's an awesome place!

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    Check for beavers

    If there really was a creek in your BB, I would check for massive amounts of water, lots of sand and gravel, perhaps muddy creek banks, and maybe a beaver dam.

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    similar problems with Al frames...

    i had a similar problem on my al. frame a few weeks ago, but the BB was fine.
    LBS said the noise often is created by the frame and if the BB didn't let the cranks "shimmy" or grind in any way, the BB was fine. I ended up replacing the cranks and BB for other reasons (CF goodness), and the noise hasn't come back.
    seems they fixed the LBS.

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