My brother is putting a bike together specifically for climbing the big mountains, this will be a different custom build and he does not want normal.

Disc brakes will be mechanical to avoid break downs due to baggage issues during travel and spare parts in remote areas.

Drive train will be DI with an XTR 11-40 and 39-50 optional single chainring on front, gearing can be tuned for the region and type or climbs.
Gearing looks very useful with a 40X11, lots of range and with the XTR clutch the chain will always be tight and silent.
Crank will be power of some sort.

Brake levers will not include shifting, shifting will be done with separate sprinter or climbing buttons on the bars.

Wheels will be super light tubular carbon disc wheels of course.

So with the rules in place what do you think of the project and what are your substitutions for the parts above?

Please keep it on topic, this is a fun build not an only bike so no need to get into it usefulness.