• 08-12-2011
    To Cut or Not to Cut... (steer tube)
    Oh decisions, decisions...

    2009 Scott Addict SL frameset; 61 cm

    - Don't cut it: "What if you want to sell it?"
    - Cut it: "It's your bike, you didn't build it for the next owner"

    I tend to keep bikes a very long time. So... cut it?

    What's the norm? Do most of you guys cut the excess once you've established THE fit/position of the stem? I have, by the way, been fit professionally and have ridden 5,000-7,000 miles in the current position.


  • 08-12-2011
    Trevor Ash
    I always will leave enough in case I want to switch stems around over time. Your current photo shows it higher than what I would normally prefer but it doesn't seem obscene. Heck, just leave it, it's already been cut and the only real reason to cut it again is vanity.
  • 08-12-2011
    Cut cut cut. You can always flip the stem or get a higher-angle stem if need be. Chop it!
  • 08-12-2011
    I'm no help
    the subject has never arisen
    I'm an old-fashioned guy
  • 08-12-2011
    If you have ridden that bike almost 7,000 miles with the stem in the current position, you probably feel that the fit is OK and you aren't likely to want to raise the bars. I'd cut it to leave enough room for a 5mm spacer on top of the stem.
  • 08-12-2011
  • 08-12-2011
    You're not riding the bike for the next guy, so **** them. There are +25 degree stems if you back ever went out. Might be uglier than a lifted negative degree stem, but for the sake of the steerer it's probably better.
  • 08-12-2011
    You've already ridden it like that for 5-7000 miles, why cut it now?

    You do have an awful lot of spacers on top of the stem though.
  • 08-12-2011
    2 reasons to cut:

    you already have about the max amount under the stem.

    i had an accident on a bike like that where i jumped it off a curb, foot slipped out, steerer stabbed me in the liverz, nasty bruise.
  • 08-12-2011
    Cut it.
  • 08-12-2011
    Cut enough for a 5mm spacer on top, then be done!
  • 08-12-2011
    cut it
  • 08-12-2011
    If you've gone that many miles and had no issues go ahead and cut away. I usually leave the tube at its max safe limit so I can fiddle with it over time and then cut. In your case of 7k, I think your good to go.
  • 08-12-2011
    Another vote for Cut it, thats too tall for my liking.
  • 08-12-2011
    Please cut it.
  • 08-12-2011
    I'd say cut it. No question.
  • 08-12-2011
    that is nothing! I have 25mm (=1 inch!) of spacers *above* the stem for last 18+ months!!!! I only have 5mm spacer under the stem now but it does not bother me. When you put Garmin Edge on the top of the stem (as I have) you can not even see the stack of spacers!! 8^)

    I kept my spacers for insurance, in case of back problems or new shoes/seat/pedals requiring me to lift the seat up..... I hate the look of flipped-up stem, so I prefer to have 20mm of spacers on top, just in case....

    I dont have an opinion - simply telling you about my own experiences....
  • 08-13-2011
    I can't believe you had to look at that thing for 5000 miles!
  • 08-13-2011
    Whether to cut or not is complex, multifaceted, and highly personal decision. Have you consulted your Rabbi?
  • 08-13-2011
    7000 miles. You're ready for a new bike! :D
    Uncut should help saleability, but I wonder how many buyers think of such things as steerer length.