Di2 RD initial setup
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    Di2 RD initial setup

    Iím hoping this is a really easy question, but I cannot find any online reference for it.
    With a mechanical RD, you can release the cable tension and set the High Limit screw to prevent overshifting.
    How do you do the same thing with a Di2 RD - is it even necessary as there is no cable tension (I know there are adjustment screws, Iím just not sure where the starting point is)?
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    See the Shimano Dealer's Manual for your Di2 product. For example, RD8070- Pg129-pg134

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    Thanks Marc, I did see that, I guess I was still stuck on ďhow to release the cable tensionĒ to get the RD to bottom out in the smallest cog as a starting point in an electronic ecosystem. It seems that with Di2, itís not required, just bolt it on and go.

    Iíve been riding and maintaining STI since Ultegra 600 days and DuraAce 9, 10, 11 speed since, this is my first Di2 build (DA9000 to R8050) so had the shop set it up, so far it is super impressive.


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    Bolt it on, plug it in, shift it/adjust limit screws as directed in the user manual.

    Notice I did not say install the chain. Set the limits then install the chain. If you have an 8050 the b-tension screw actually works unlike the older derailleurs where it barely made a difference.
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    Thanks Mr CX 😀

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    An important step different than a mechanical groupset - after setting the high limit you need to back that screw off one full turn to allow overstroke on that last shift to the high side. You don't do this on the low limit. See step 9 in the manual, last paragraph.
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