Dia Compe Questions
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    Dia Compe Questions

    First question...where can I get a new set of hoods for Dia Compe Aero Gran Compe 250 levers? eBay has plenty of hoods for AGC-251 levers...but not for the 250s.

    Second question...looking at the prices of Dia Compe Gran Compe family calipers and levers, they're bringing a premium. WHY?!?! I had a set of these on my vintage Specialized Allez and they are terrible! Levers are just not up to spec with Shimano aero levers of the same vintage, and the springs in the calipers are WAAAY to stiff. Not to mention the brake pads aren't aero and are held in by nuts and not allen bolts. I fail to see why Dia Compe brakes bring such a high price.

    Can someone educate me? The Shimano SLR brakes of the same era are so much better in terms of ergonomics and function. I pulled the Gran Compe IIs off the Allez and replaced them with Shimano 105 levers (1987) and Ultegra calipers (1988 vintage) (just what I had lying around.) Would love to put Dia Compes back on some day but the bike is being ridden by my young son and I wanted him to have better brakes.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mml373 View Post
    Second question...looking at the prices of Dia Compe Gran Compe family calipers and levers, they're bringing a premium. WHY?!?!
    Vintage stuff brings a premium because of supply and demand. People restoring older bikes outnumber the amount of old components in good condition. It has nothing to do with functionality. Personally, I would not bother being so exact for an 80s vintage bike. But lots of people enjoy making a bike be like their first real (or dream) bike when they got into cycling. So emotion also drives the prices.

    No idea on the hoods, sorry. There are sources on the net for diy/homebrew hoods, you might consider looking into those. Which I did not, other than to see they are out there.
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    Thank you. I ended up selling the Dia Compes...I wasn't having luck finding hoods. As you mentioned, eventually I'd like to replace the DCs with similar brakes (maybe the next model up--BRS 400 setup (sold as a set back then using AGC-251 levers with RGC-400 calipers)) just to restore the bike near-vintage condition.

    Having fun working with this old Allez SE. I honestly think the Sirrus back in 1987 was a better bike than the Allez SE of the same year (I own both, vintage Sirrus is coming back from paint hopefully soon in its original teal/white color scheme.) It had a freehub setup and better components all around. While the Suntour Sprint 9000 drivetrain on the Allez SE is nice, the rest of the bike isn't better than the Sirrus.

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