Disk brake noise
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    Disk brake noise

    Has anybody ever tried a blob of "disk brake quiet" on the back of a pad in an attempt to quiet the squealing sound? It works on cars so why not on the bike. The only thing that worries me is that my brakes have a plastic membrane over the pistons and I don't want to compromise that by having it press on a blob of goo. All the bike mechanics that I have talked to say they have never heard of the stuff. When I hear that answer I immediately know that either they have never worked on cars or they just want to keep selling me another set of pads or a disk again.

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    I've heard of it. Never heard of it used on bicycle brake pads. Not sure I'd want to try it.
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    I've tried it, the "red" brake quite spray one. Nope it didn't quite down the squeal. I'm guessing that it doesn't work on bicycle disc brakes because bicycle brake pads don't encounter the same vibration intensity as car ones do, so the spray doesn't work on bicycle. Bicycle brake squealing stems from different cause.

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    notice the noise when its wet out mostly. brakes work. just not a pleasant sound

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    Most disc brakes will be noisy when wet. Nothing you can do about it. Been using disc brakes for years on my mountain bike. After any type of water crossing the brakes are noisy until they heat up and dry again.

    As far as using disc brake quiet for cars on bicycle brakes, try it but be very, very careful not to get it on the surface of the pads. It may change the resonance frequency (brake noise) to make it non existent or more bearable. I've used it before with mixed results.
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    I don't even use the stuff on my car calipers, and I've never had squeaky brakes, either. These work on the premise that a large gelatinous blob will reduce the vibrations, but good pads probably already have a certain amount of vibrational compliance built in.
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    You just have high performance brakes


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