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    Drivetrain Compatibility.................

    A very good article by Art's Cyclery. Yes, I know it's 4 years old, but still lots of good info:

    Art's Cyclery Blog » Science Behind the Magic | Drivetrain Compatibility
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    Indeed this is some good reading, thanks for posting the link.

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    It doesn't matter that its old. It covers everything except 1x12.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1500SLR View Post
    It doesn't matter that its old. It covers everything except 1x12.
    Also, It doesnt cover Campagnolo 2nd gen 11 speed and Campagnolo 12 speed.

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    Yes, I wasn't paying enough attention.

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    I measured the cable pulls on the 2015+ ultrashift levers recently and fould that the total cable pull is significantly longer - 31mm compared to only 28.5mm for the older 11 speed shifters. This time I measure the cable pulls by a different method, so the small cog limit screw was not affecting the readings. That method showed both the old and new versions pulled 4mm the first time. The remaining shifts on the old model were the same as I measured 9 years ago. The new shifters have a lot of 3mm shifts, where the old ones had 2.5mm.

    What this means is that the new shifters pull too much cable for an older RD. If you put a new RD on a bike with the old shifters, they won't pull enough cable. I have the older shifters on a bike where I need a 12-32 cassette, so I bought a new Potenza RD and used the same mod that I did long ago to make a 10 speed shifter work with 11 speed. I ground the cable clamp screw down to the root of the threads, where the cable contacts the bolt, and filed off some material on the clamping plate, to allow the cable to move over against the bolt. Someone else tried a slightly different approach and slotted the bolt hole, so the plate would move close to the bolt. There is a groove in this plate, wher the cable is supposed to rest. However you do it, this mod shortens the lever arm and increases the travel enough to shift well.

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