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    Quote Originally Posted by crewdoglm View Post
    Copy all thanks. Suggest with empathy and respect and instead of snarky condescension and these conversations will go better. Merry Christmas.
    Where you being empathic and respectful when you said:

    "These are the critical facts LOL."
    "I read the same F&%$ing chart dude"
    "Yes... those are the basics... Check"
    " none your patronize-the-novice trouble-shooting applies because, shocker, I'm actually experienced with **** as you are."

    I keep being surprised how sensitive the snarkiest, rudest people are to the smallest perceived slight.
    Get a better saddle:

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelbikerider View Post
    Make sure that the tab on the washer under the cable attachment bolt is correctly aligned before tightening the cable bolt. Also be sure that the shift lever is shifted to the proper spot before installing the cable. (been there, done that on both)
    Thanks. Turns out your suggestion was the one that did the trick. That cable bolt washer has basically an L-bracket on it which must be oriented aft-wise or else it affects the derailleur movement. That's not a quirk I've seen before and the 7900 doesn't behave that way. Thanks.

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    Addendum: As I indicated, I am willing to be wrong and I did in fact get it to work. Just throwing that out in the interest of fair play.
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