• 05-24-2006
    Is Dura-Ace crank compatible with Ultegra bottom bracket?
    A buddy is swapping his 10speed Dura Ace crankset for somthing else and has offered it to me cheap. I currently have a 10 speed Ultegra crankset. Will the DA crank bolt right on? Does the bottom bracket need to be swapped as well. Also, how is a crank arm measured? I'm assuming it is from center of the crank axel to center point of the threaded hole where the pedals are mounted. Thanks in advance.
  • 05-24-2006
    Yes for 9 -Speed
    I don't have experience with Shimano 10 speed, but I use Ultegra BB on my 9 speed Dura Ace Cranks. I'd be surprised if this wasn't true for the 10 speed.
  • 05-25-2006
    Mel Erickson
    Yes, they are compatible. No, you shouldn't have to change the BB assuming the current one is the proper length for your setup.