FD trimming problems w/ Shimano 105 9-speed 5500
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    FD trimming problems w/ Shimano 105 9-speed 5500

    I've been having problems setting up the trimming on my front derailleur correctly to work with my compact double. The trimming for the small ring works fine with the larger lever, but I can't get it to work correctly with the larger chainring and small lever. The problem seems to be with the 2 click positions on the small lever. When it is on the rack I can get the trim to work, but when I'm actually riding when I hit that first point of resistance on the lower lever it shifts to the small ring instead of just trimming the FD. When riding the resistance also feels much higher and I can't really feel 2 distinct clicks with the smaller lever. I set up the indexing following the park tools guide with the chain on the big ring and small cog to clear the derailleur with the barrel adjuster as specified. BTW, it is one of the double/triple shifters with the 2 lower shifts being utilized for the double chainring, and the HL preventing shifting into the 3rd position.

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    not sure i understand the issue 100%, but here goes:

    things to check:
    kinked cable?
    frayed/rusted housing?
    is the derailleur straight?

    also, there isn't much that you can do with the barrel adjuster except for very fine tuning- you need to release the cable and adjust the stops before re-attaching the cable. with the cable unbolted, also put the barrel adjuster back to its shortest position for future tuning after cable stretch.

    also, make sure the cable is fully released before re-tightening. it sounds obvious, but sometimes you miss the 1/2 click detente that the front shifter has.
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    I'm thinking it might be the outer limit screw is in too tight. Could also be a dirty shifter or derailleur. Possibly the spacing/position of the deraulleur in relation to the chainrings.
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    The cable and housing are brand new and installed by my LBS when I got a tuneup. Since then I swapped to the compact. The derailleur is straight, and I'm not sure how that affects the trimming function.

    I set the FD HL by pulling on the FD cable under the downtube to just clear the chain in the big ring and small cog, as instructed in the Park Tools guide, should I move it out a bit farther? I don't want to throw the chain off the big ring with too loose of a setting. I will flush my shifter again with some spray lubricant to see if that helps

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