Fizik Aliante New Vs Fizik Aliante really old.
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    Fizik Aliante New Vs Fizik Aliante really old.

    Hello all. I have a question I cannot seam to get answered at the LBS right now as the new Aliante is so new, not many shops have them. So here is my question. My ass loves what I will call the first generation Aliante. It is so soft and fits me so well, I can almost ride without a chamois with it. I don't though, as an FYI!. Anyway, I saw they released a newer version, and the lowest end I have seen is pretty firm. Anyone know if the R1 or R3 fit and feel like the first gen saddle? Basically is it as soft? Also anyone know the difference between the R1 and R3, or even the R5 for that matter? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I have a variety of Aliantes from 2003-2015. The ones from many years ago had padding with quite a bit of cushion. The newer version from the last few years is somewhat firmer, but still comfortable for me.

    I also have an R5, which is slightly firmer than the newer version and much firmer than the older ones. The R5 is shaped differently, has thinner, harder padding and feels significantly different. It's more like the Kurve Bull model, but not as hard.

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    The pad only gets harder when going up the 'R' ladder.
    Difference is mostly in used material, which saves some weight. I believe it's something along 20 grams when going from a R3 to a R1.

    Never change a winning team, definitly with a saddle.

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    Hey Rmabus, sorry to be late in the game. I am also having these issues with the newer Fizik models. I am currently riding the R1's for the past 6 months and I can tell you they are extremely uncomfortable compared to their first generation which I truly was happy with. I have been on a 8 year hiatus from riding and just now getting back into cycling again and have been searching high and low for their older models with no luck. Of course, I'm searching for an unused saddle. Who knows why Fizik revamped their entire line. I'd be a happy man if I could come across one.

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    tt&jt- I'm in the same boat. I MUCH prefer the old style Alliante & would love to fine one (or several!) NOS. I actually tried to recover my old Alliante. Unfortunately, the material I used did not hold up to 2-3mo of riding and started to split. Removing that new skin ripped up the original padding

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    I sent you a private message.

    Jim D

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