FSA Expander Plug
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    FSA Expander Plug

    I have this expander plug.

    A friend of mine told me not to use it as it does not contact enough of the steerer tube of my fork and my stem could crush the steer tube. Is he right that this is an issue? I have the stem positioned so that the expander plug rests inside the part of the fork that the stem clamps to, but it is not long enough to support the entire stem, only about 3/4 of it.

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    Just carefully tighten down the stem bolts to the correct torque value and it should be fine. I have the same expander plug.

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    There are thousands and thousands of those in use, if they were a problem we'd know about it. Are there better ones available...sure. Are you going to crush your steerer? You'd have to try pretty hard. Sounds like your friend isn't hugely knowledgable about this kind of thing.
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    I have a very similar one on a Bianchi using an FSA headset. What is your bicycle?

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