• 12-31-2018
    Wood Devil
    Having some seroius issues and could use some help.
    I've got my CAAD set up on the Kickr. It's been the designated trainer bike for the past three years. Today I decided to change out the chain, cassette, and BB30 bearings, as each had over 6000 miles on them and a good six months worth of hard Zwifting.

    So I throw all the new stuff on this morning, as I've done dozens of times before. But this time I am experiencing significant vibration on the 15 through 11 cassette sprockets. Shifting is spot on through the full range of the cassette, but it is noticeably rough in those last few gears.

    I have no idea what is going on. I've tried three different cassettes, two chains, and even threw my Cervelo on the Kickr and it's the same thing.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what I should look at? The bearings have been pressed in nice and snug and torqued to the 39 - 41nm spec. I've focused in on the skewer and have made sure it is tight and that the bike is secure in the Kickr. I just can't figure this one out.

    I'm looking at the removable part for the Kickr (on the non-drive side) that skewer slides through, the through axle adapter. It's a little black part that has M135 and R130 markings on it, and I'm assuming that R130 is road specific and works with my CAAD9, and that the R130 marking should should be facing outward, correct? I'm pretty sure that's how it was in before, but so I'm not sure what the confusion is now.

  • 12-31-2018
    Wood Devil
    Here's a video of the noise...

  • 01-01-2019
    Have you tried riding the bike outdoors or another bike with the same setup? That would confirm it's either the bike or the trainer.
  • 01-02-2019
    R130 should be visible if using a 130mm rear axle hub (rim brake road wheel). M135 should only be visible if you are using a 135mm rear axle hub such as a disc brake road/cross wheel, or a mtb.

    I had issues with ghosting of the freehub on my Kickr and had to replace the inner freehub spacer which got crushed narrower. That didn't effect my shifting though. Is the axle fully seated in the dropout? If you switched bikes and the problem continues, the problem lies in the Kickr somewhere.