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    Help installing Cycliq Fly12

    I have a BDop combination Garmin/GoPro mount. There is not enough clearance to mount a Fly12 so I tried using valve nuts as spacers. After pondering the setup it looks like a accident waiting to happen, so I figured I'd ask what is the best way to install the Fly12? The mount is paid for so I'd like to use it if possible. Thanks.

    Help installing Cycliq Fly12-20180623_104737.jpg

    Help installing Cycliq Fly12-20180623_104821.jpg

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    Why is the mount rotated up so far?

    Edit: I think I get it now... the mount is not adjustable - it's determined by the stem/bar bolts. Not a very versatile mount. Probably going to be easier to go with another mount.

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    You could search for a GoPro mount accessory that lets you drop the camera down lower. They make all kinds of adapters and extensions but Iím not sure that thereís one that just would extend the attach point lower. You might have to Macgyver something.

    I feel your pain. I experimented with a lot of combos to allow me to easily mount a Garmin Virb and now a Fly 12 between several different bikes. I ended up going with over a dozen of these - just in case anyone else is curious. They work very well, took about a week to ship from China.

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    Wonder if those old-school cupped V-brake washers would help get the angle down a little? But even if so, I'm with you on accident waiting too happen, would much prefer some type of band clamp like hfc posted and keeping the stem bolts clear so they can be torqued properly.
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    I contacted BDop. They said that longer bolts torqued to the correct spec should work, so I'm going to try that first.

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