So...evidently my vintage bike build project requires a new cogset.

I understand the HG-50 is a good choice for the 8-speed Dura Ace/Hyperglide combination...along with the chain I intend to buy (Shimano CN-HG71.) Can anyone corroborate this?

Also...for Heaven's sake...I noticed Shimano offers "Dura Ace" derailleur cable sets that run nearly $40. For my vintage build, I do not see why such a cable is necessary. They have less expensive "Optislick" cable/housing sets available. Does anyone know if vintage cable sets (or new sets that match vintage sets) are less of a cost?!

Seems this sport has blossomed with expensive stuff...colored cable ends, colored bottle mount bolts (that you can't even see when there's a bottle in the cage), etc. I just don't get it, LOL.

Thanks for replies.