How can I run an 11-40 cassette on my gravel bike?
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    How can I run an 11-40 cassette on my gravel bike?

    I just got a Giant revolt advanced 2 with 105. It comes with a subcompact crank and an 11-34 cassette. I need to change the crank from a 170 to 172.5. I have one that is a normal compact crank. part of my problem is that at the moment I don't have a loot of gravel and more road to get to gravel. I want to get higher top gear on road and not lose my low gear for climbing. I was thinking abut the Wolftooth Roadlink DM with an XT mountain cassette. IM wondering if anyone has any experience with it. Or a better idea?

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    I am running an 11-40 with the 105 rear derailleur no problem (32/48 rings). It has a little too much chain, but that is not a real problem if you are never in 32/11.
    I am just running the derailleur straight, no extra link parts.

    It is also on a Revolt 2.
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    If your cranks are otherwise the same, you can swap the chainrings.

    In 48/11 at 90 rpm with a 700x28mm tire, you are going 31mph.

    Does this happen enough on the way to/from your gravel rides that you want to go to bigger rings? Going up to 50/11 only gets you to 32.5mph.

    I run a 48/32 with a SRAM 11-36t cassette on my dedicated gravel bike (RX 800 Di2 rear derailleur has no trouble with this). It gets me up Heart Attack Hill without me having a heart attack. I'll call that a success (considering my weight and age).

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    Is your lowest set of gears really not low enough to get you up the worst hills? You have 34/34 which is 1:1.

    You could do what Rideit recommends, but if you make a mistake and go too far toward small/small, you could get some nasty ghost shifting. Hardly catastrophic. Just make sure you have enough chain wrap for large/large so you don't rip your derailleur off your frame. That WOULD be catastrophic.
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