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    iPad /iPhone with Etube

    my laptop sees my Di2 with a hard wired connection. I then paired my iPhone and reset the password. Life was good. Then I added my iPad and life was good. I then disconnected and attempted to use the iPhone and great failure. Laptop and iPad still see the various units. the iPhone gives me incorrect password notice, but I am not even able to enter either the default password or mine.

    What have I done? Is it not possible to have two mobile devices connected, at separate times? I do not want to ride with my iPad.
    If it is possible what do I need to do to pair the iPhone. Entire Di2 system is less than 45 days old.


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    First question is why the need to do multiple pairings of i devices plus a laptop ?. 2nd question/thought is E-Tube is setup software thus once you've got the system configured why do you think you need to ride with the iPhone or iPad ?. Di2 doesn't use any external devices for it's intended purpose of shifting.

    You can pair with devices that display gearing and battery life, but not sure what iPhone app allows/displays that. I pair my system with my Garmin 1000 to show those functions, but I don't use a phone as a bike computer. Is that what you are attempting ?

    As well note that the E-Tube software is problematic when using BlueTooth to update the system. One common complaint is the first thing E-Tube attempts is to update the Di2 WiFi unit (EW-WU111). When the 111 unit then re-boots with an update, the BT connection gets into a boot cycle and cannot re-connect to the i device and bricks the entire Di2 system. The only fix is either buying the shop diagnostics cable @150 and re-setting the system or a trip to an LBS that owns this cable to get them to reset the system. Thus many if us have learned to avoid using the i device with E-Tube or to decline to update via an i device and only do it via Windows computer and the charging cable.

    EDIT: And as note, I had no issues pairing both my iPad as well as iPhone with the 111 unit, just never did both at the same time (no need).
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