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    ISM Adamo Podium saddle

    I have the subject saddle on my TT bike with probably about 800 total miles on it. I mainly just ride it in actual TTs vs. training on it for extended distances - my road and TT positions are apparently similar enough that this doesn’t seem to impair my TT performance. I noticed the other day that the right “finger” of the split nose is distinctly bent down - probably several mm, but enough to be obvious, even from a distance.

    Has anyone else seen this? Am I in danger of it breaking altogether or is it OK to keep riding now that it’s “adjusted” to my body/pedaling style???

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    Very common actually.

    I'm a long time user of that line of saddles, was anyway, and it always happened to me too. One of the few reasons I don't like the design. Eventually one rail would always bend down.

    I have found that it's fine to ride, no danger of breaking. Eventually the rails and the body will come unglued, so the shell will slide back and forth on the rails, but not come out of the pockets. Once that happens it's time to replace it, but even then they don't seem to fail.
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    My wife's Domame 6 uses an unusual seat clamp that can and has allowed the individual saddle rails forward of the clamp to angle independently some.
    Thought rails were bent when I saw it.
    Nope, loosen clamp, they spring back even. Have to be careful so they stay that way when tightening.
    Hoping they do not slip later if loaded hard independently.
    Not a fan of that post.
    Have many ISM saddles on many bikes with no issues from normal use mounted on somewhat better designed posts.

    Something a tad over "normal use" comment below.

    I have straightened the rails on ISM saddles and other brands bent from heavy crashes with great results.
    Good luck

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