KMC Shimano 10 speed link weirdness
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    KMC Shimano 10 speed link weirdness

    I recently switched both my mountain bike and road bike chains to KMC quick links. Now both bikes make an odd sound a few times a ride, like the chain is getting hung up on a chainring/cassette tooth then snapping into place.. Anybody else using this link notice this? I'm assuming it's the link as it's the only thing I've changed. Also, these links are Shimano 10 speed specific.

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    I had the same issue with my KMC link with a Dura Ace 10 spd chain. All of the sudden, without warning, I notice a bit of resistance in the drivetrain while pedaling, then I hear a light snap and everything is back to normal. It occurs while I pedal, irregardless if on the flats at a steady cadence or climbing under load. Sometimes I can go for long ride and not have it act up once.

    I had always though it was an issue with the chain and my Stronglight Pulsion crank. I recently switched to a KMC chain, but it happend again...albeit not as often as the old chain and link combo.

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    I ride DA front, Ultegra rear and KMC chain in between - smooth like a butter (for a moment I had a ghost in the rear but this was due to weak cassette hub body - cogs cut into notches on the hub). I also use KMC on my mtb with decent results but got some issues recently after replacing chain (but keeping the cassette) - found out that despite replacing chain shortly after .75 wear mark it was too late for the cassette (specifically middle - most used cogs). Look into this. Also once I run into an issue when the chain and cassette were brand new but ride was not quiet - it turned out that worn crank ring was the cause.
    Obviously no reason to remind about lubrication the chain, right?
    Now, I'm not sure if I can attribute this to KMC or SRAM chains (Shimano has no quick link option) but 11t cog always seems to have some grittiness to it (both road and mtb). Just got Ultegra for road bike to see what Shimano has to offer. Also check derailleur hanger, B-screw, pulleys and gear adjustment.

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