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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveT View Post
    Both excellent chains. I have a tendency to use the least expensive KMC chains, they perform well. I think the main difference in both brands is the more expensive chains are lighter and 'prettier'.

    You can use the KMC quick link on Shimano chains easily.
    Mirrors my experience and opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay Strongbow View Post
    If pins aren't reusable what's the point in including those instead of quick links?

    I find the pins pretty easy to deal with too. But quick links are easier and more dummy proof. Why not?
    YBN 11 speed quick links can be used up to 5 times.

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    Purely anecdotal but I think relevant.

    Introduced younger friend of mine to cycling (MTB), strong ex pro football guy, highly motivated. First year of mostly XC, killer single track but no down hill/big drop stuff, he broke everything! Frame, chains, wheels etc. Raw power and youthful exuberance to the max, top twenty Strava segments based purely on fitness and power and no cycling ability.

    Eventually he learned to spin, weight/unweight along with tech skills and he got even faster. Now he is top 5/10 in Strava segments and hasnít broken anything in past year. He always was running KMC (due to my advice gold sl by the way lol!) and hasnít broken a chain while putting out more watts than ever. This guy is pure beast and probably still puts out as much or more hurt on bike than ever. If you want to test any component this is your guy, at 6í2Ē and 215lbs of solid muscle and quads like a speed skater.

    My point is technical skill trumps anything and KMC makes good sh$t!

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