Lightweight fenders?
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    Lightweight fenders?

    After years of strapping SKS raceblade fenders on a race bike, I just got a "gravel" bike with proper rack and fender mounts - what are your suggestions for models of lightweight & reliable fenders? I'm going to use tires in the 35-45mm range, 37mm for now. For racks, Tubus has very good titanium lightweight racks. Is there the equivalent for fenders ? (I don't want or need titanium, just not 2lbs fenders...). Thanks!

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    Im happy with the Velo Orange fenders. Honjo is probably the "Tubus" of fenders but are more $ and not pre drilled. Both aluminum, tubus may have a SS model. I don't know how much either weighs.

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    My recommendation goes to Honjo fenders. Mine are light at about 1lb 3oz according to spec sheets I've read; They feel light anyway.

    They're aluminum and a bit of work to mount properly, but once mounted are rigid and don't rattle. They came with all mounting hardware but no holes in the fenders so you can run the fender stays to appeal to your eye. Also, depending on the width of the chain stays, possibly the seat stays also, the fenders may need to be fitted between the stays. This can be done with a properly sized dowel and a grooved 2x4. Mine are hammered and not only, in my opinion, look good but the hammered finish does a good job of hiding any dings or scratches.

    Velo Orange also has aluminum fenders. They are a bit shorter than Honjo and drilled for mounting, they also are about 1/2 the price of the Honjo's.
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