More Vintage Dura Ace Fun
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    More Vintage Dura Ace Fun

    Appreciate the replies to my recent threads as I've begun work building up an old Serotta with same-vintage Dura Ace components.

    My last real work with bikes was in about 1991... The Dura Ace is vintage 1993 or so...7402/7403/7410 components. Amazon has some SIS and SLR-compatible cable housings and I am thinking about just buying the tools and doing the rebuild world myself instead of paying the LBS a whole ton of money.

    Is it better to buy the Amazon-recommended SIS and SLR cable sets, or are bulk SIS and SLR cable housing and Shimano cables available for a better deal than what Amazon is pushing? I'm not even sure what I'd be getting from Amazon, honestly. (I have integrated brake/shift levers, with 7402 derailleurs and 7403 brakes, but am concerned that Amazon is pushing stuff that is for the newer components than my early/mid 1990s SIS/SLR parts really need, and wonder if I can get away more cheaply with older SIS/SLR stuff that I just haven't found yet.)

    Could certainly get away with standard/cheap cables...but this is a rebuild of a vintage bike and I'd like for things to be pretty close to the way it was built back then.

    I will say that back when I was riding/racing as a teen/early 20-something when these parts came out, I had always wanted Dura Ace. I can tell you now that (without having ridden on Dura Ace parts so far) this is a whole bunch of complexity compared to the simpler design of 105 and Ultegra back then. Another humorous 10-speed SRAM Force (2011 vintage) looks very similar to 1993-ish Dura Ace, LOL.

    Thanks in advance. Wow bikes have come a long way and gotten expensive since I was last into them in the early '90s... I feel totally left behind by the new tech, and even have been thinking about returning this old Serotta to downtube shifting and regular brake lever, LOL.
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