Mounting accessories on a integrated aero stem/bar - esp Cycliq Fly12ce
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    Mounting accessories on a integrated aero stem/bar - esp Cycliq Fly12ce

    Thought I would poll the cycling hive mind here for options. I'm in the market for a new bike and one of the hurdles I have run into is just how the heck am I going to mount my Cyclic Fly12ce or even front bar light in the winter for night riding if the bike I choose has an intgrated aero bar-stem combo?

    FWIW 2 of the bike i'm considering are the Trek Emonda and Canyon Ultimate to give you an idea.

    I've seen the screw in attachments, that use one or 2 closely spaced screws. I'm not sure I trust those with a computer and camera attached to them without breaking. Especially on rough roads. I've read several accounts of mounts breaking. I run k-edge mounts that are aluminum so I don't have to worry about it (or the annoying vibration like some of the nylon ones). They are combo mounts with the garmin computer attachment on top and the go-pro style mount on the bottom.

    I've been googling for options but haven't really come up with anything. Have any of you dealt with this before? I'm really curious what my options may be - besides skipping the integrated cockpit.

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    The 2021 Emonda SLRs have the integrated handlebar/stem. I know some of the Bontrager one-piece hbar/stems have the Blendr mounting system on the bottom, but I don't know if the new Emonda bars have that feature. The Blendr system is pretty neat, and it'll fit a myriad of accessories and they're not all Bontrager.

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    Yeah I saw the blender system but my concern is just how sturdy the mount is when loaded down. They Cycliq Fly12ce is pretty hefty at nearly 200g / 7oz plus 67g/2.3oz for the Garmin 820. If you hit a decent bump flimsy nylon/plastic mounts can break.

    I was curious about any feedback on the integrated vendor specific solutions regarding their durability and stability. I would also be interested in any aftermarket options like for stem/bar combos from other vendors than the bike mfg like say K-edge for example.

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