Old Cinelli Build - Campy BB/Crank help
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    Old Cinelli Build - Campy BB/Crank help


    First post from occasional lurker. Some background. Iím in the process of rebuilding a Cinelli Starlight. While I am very mechanically inclined, Iíve never built a bike before. This bike came with Dura Ace components. I was recently given full group set of period correct (approximately) Campagnolo Veloce components in excellent condition. The Cinelliís BB is Italian and the Veloce was English so I found a nice square taper Record BB thinking that would work fine. Turns Spindle on the record is 102mm and the Veloce is 111mm. Veloce Crank wonít seat all the wat on the spindle and the arms would hit the chainstay even if it would. So the question is can I use a square taper Record crank? Whatís the impact of crank arm length on the installation. Iím new to bike builds and Campagnolo components so please forgive my ignorance. The odd thing is, none of the local bike shops seem to have the knowledge required to help with this endeavor.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Record or Chorus of the correct vintage are what you're looking for. Not surprised that no one at the local shops knows what's up, unless they've been around for years they'd have no idea.
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    Here's a new 111mm Italian.....$40...Ö

    It looks like you'll need s special tool for installation.

    It took 2 minutes to find...
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    Thanks guys. There are lots of square taper Record cranks to be found. Given how little $$ I have in the Record BB, it seems most prudent to just upgrade crank rather than downgrade BB.
    Thanks Again.

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