Pinging or knocking heard from bottom bracket
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    Pinging or knocking heard from bottom bracket

    Hey All, Without taking the bike apart, I was hoping to figure out what a knocking or pinging sound is due to. It seems like it's coming from the bottom bracket. It happens at the same point in my peddle cycle (although that point has changed over time). I suspect something is loose like a ball bearing or something is cracked.. It only happens when I'm peddling and there is load on the chain. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    So you're trying to sell your bike? It's pedal.

    What kind of bike? What bottom bracket?

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    Hey, Not trying to sell the bike, try to fix the bike. I'll see if I can get audio on the next ride, but here's my bike (Must select Whistler 70)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kovacsa View Post
    Hey, Not trying to sell the bike, try to fix the bike.
    That was just his jab on your misspelling of "pedal" vs. "peddle".

    It looks like your BB is an older square taper BB. It looks like it's a pretty cheap one - Shimano UN26. This is similar to one I had on an older hybrid - Shimano LP27. It only lasted 4K miles before it self destructed. Bikes like this are not designed for high miles and as a result, they throw in cheap components to cut costs where you can't see it. These cheaper BB's only have a teflon cartridge. What you are most likely hearing is play and that is not going away. It is not serviceable.

    If your problem is the BB, I would replace it with a Shimano UN55. This BB has a real steel bearing, and you will not have this happen again. Be very careful you get the right size as there are many different sizes. This is critical! You will also need a couple of special tools - a crank puller and a special tool to remove and install the new BB.
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    I'm assuming it has a Shimano cartridge BB. This sounds like the classic sign of it nearing it's useful life. With the correct tools (crank arm extractor and BB removal tool), this is a job that should take less than 30 minutes to do.
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