Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has a solution to my question. I'm working with the FSA support, as it's really a PowerBox that I have, which is also the Power2Max.

Turns out, when the battery dies and you put in a new one, the power meter needs to be updated. I found this out when I was unable to generate more than 60 watts on a recent ride and FSA confirmed the problem was on their end.

After registering my power meter with Power2Max, and downloading their app, what's needed is to connect via bluetooth to update the software. And there in lies the rub.

I have an iPhone 11, and it does not see the power meter at all in the bluetooth settings. In the app, the meter is visible, but the signal is weak and it never fully connects. I select it and move to what would be the update stage, but then it kicks me back two steps, to scan for the meter.

As a test, I was able to connect my windows computer to the power meter, but updating can't be done that way. So, I'm stumped. Given the way it was so easy to connect to my windows laptop, but I cannot connect on my iPhone, my son's iPhone, or my iPad, I'm wondering if it's an apple related glitch.

Anyway, if you have something to offer, I'm all eyes.