Hey, I have a hollowgram quarq, and recently sourced another used model to put on another bike in the hopes of having matching power on both bikes. The original one has been very consistent, and has worked very well. It tracks closely to a single arm stages that I have on another bike, but reads just a little more conservatively, which is fine.

I downloaded the Quarq Qalvin Legacy program on my PC, which as I understand can updated firmware, etc. It was showing it running the most recent firmware, and showed cadence without a magnet, which as I understand was a more recent firmware edition as well.

The problem is the power reading. It shows power, but it is really really low. Like 5-10X too low. I am 190lbs, and going uphill standing on the pedals, I was showing 49 watts. When I calibrate, the original quarq shows a number in the mid-400s, and this one shows a -mid to high 400s.

Can it be fixed? The program is a bit over my head? Any help is appreciated!