My half assed review of the Sensah CRX 11 speed group that I bought on Ali Express to hopefully upgrade my brakes and bring my bike into the modern bike tech gestalt. I had a mixture of XT and XTR on my rigid carbon 29er that I bought online ten years ago in 2010. I had integrated 9 speed XT shifters with XTR front and rear derailleur with a 36/46 XT crank and no, thatís not a typo. This crankset was the downhill specific version that I used on my cross bike for a while. Just to make things interesting my shifters were the brake levers and rapid rise to boot. Brakes were hydraulic XT ice tech.
I preferred to ride as a rigid set up because of the trails in my backyard were dry, dusty singletrack in the foothills of the Sandia mountains.
One of the downside of the XT setup was that there was no adjustments to the levers. I have big paws and had to slide my hand to the edge to. Tap up or down on the levers to up or downshift. There were more than a few times when I accidentally downshifted and mumbled curses at the lever shifters design.
A few months ago, in the beginning of the pandemic, I came across the Chinese group set and I was skeptical but it stuck in my mind and the next month, I decided in the name of research and being stuck at home with a first grader which can explain poor decision making reasons on my side, I plunged into this and then waited and waited and waited because de joy took all the joy out of my plans by slow walking the USPS mail delivery. I finally got them and put them on my bike and finally ride after fixing additional glitches like my BB and brakes with help from a friend.

The shifters shift and the brakes stop . No revelations. Right now, this is a 1x running 11-36 in the back and the shifting is good. The brakes are a big improvement in feel and modulation at the levers. For some weird reasons, these levers work better than my XT levers although both are hydraulic.