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    I'm still finding it odd that this just suddenly happened after riding in the rain. Now I'm wondering if the cable slipped under the anchor bolt.
    After cleaning the bike and lubing the pivots on the rear derailleur, it wouldn't shift to the smaller cogs. I checked the cable under the anchor and it looked fine. Thinking I just needed to adjust the shifting, the cable tension seemed fine when in the small cog (not too loose). Besides, if it slipped under the bolt, wouldn't that affect the shifting to the larger cogs? In that direction, no problem. Got the cables, and will get new housing and this weekend, will start fresh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cxwrench View Post
    No, it makes it shift like crap. In both directions. Not like a cable getting 'longer' from stretching which would result in it just being 'loose'.
    When a cable frays, one of the first symptoms besides crappy shifting is that the rider finds it impossible to get into the largest cog. So yes and yes, I think we are both right on this. As I said before, semantics. Yes, you are correct in your more detailed description of what happens. But effectively, it is a stretch, longer or looser cable.
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