Recommended tightning torque Campa Ultra Torque cups
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    Recommended tightning torque Campa Ultra Torque cups

    Does anybody know the recommended thightning torque for Campagonolo Super Record Ultra Torque bracket cups?
    The installation instructions provided with the crankset says; cups tightened by hand with Loctite 222 and the center bolt fixes the cranks together with 40-60 nm.
    So that center bolt I tightened with 50nm. The cups I tightened by hand and supplied the cups with Loctite 222. just as told.

    At the maiden trip with my new crankset the following occured.
    When the right pedal is at about three o'clock there's a load "Poc". A noice that sounds like the right crank hitting the outher cage of the front derailleur. but it doesn't.
    Even if I don't push hard on the pedals, the noise appears. The cranks are moving free and don't hit the front derailleur or my Polar candence sensor.
    What am I missing here?

    I'm told that there is a recommended tightning torque for the cups. And that it works better then Loctite.

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    According to the Campy technical manual recommended torque is 35NM.

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    There is quite a bit of discussion on this already.

    Might want to read up on what the pros and cons of various methods are. I think Campagnolo itself has gone back and forth on whether to hand-tighten or not.

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