• 07-06-2014
    Recommended Torque for Seatpost Clamp for new carbon seatpost
    I'm installing a Ritchey Pro carbon 27.2mm 2-bolt seatpost and looking for the recommended torque to tighten the 4mm bolt on the seat post clamp. I do not have the manual or make of the seatpost clamp, it looks generic, and the manual for the ritchey seatpost does not appear to provide a recommend torque in nM. I saw some online recommendations to us 4.5nM, but would appreciate any input/confirmation.:confused:
  • 07-06-2014
    4.5nM and some carbon paste should be a good place to start.
  • 07-07-2014
    Use carbon assembly paste too. I recently installed a Ritchey WCS CF seat post but unfortunately don't remember what the torque value is and certainly couldn't say if it's the same as the Pro. Are you sure there's not installation directions on their website? I do recall that I just used what I use for all of my stems and seat posts - the Ritchey Torque key - with some assembly paste and the seat post doesn't slip.

    If I find my installation instructions (unlikely), I'll post later.