removing Mavic 419 disc tire
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    removing Mavic 419 disc tire

    I have a Cannondale Slate gravel bike. Tire was flat and I see some sidewall damage. Somehow I fixed a flat on the front wheel but I just can't get this tire off the Mavic 410 disc 650b wheel. I've changed plenty of road/mtn bike tires, but this rim is deep (what is that called?) and i can't get a hold of the edge. Any suggestions?

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    I got the tire off, with struggle. Somehow I got it started with tire lever, but even then I couldn't get it going more than 1st lever, until I put a small straight screwdriver tip next to lever and even that was tough! There has to be a method and tool to this. What if I was in the woods flat 15 miles away from car?

    It was a very slow bubble hole. Hopefully tube is all good. But my other problem I see a slight gash on the sidewall, not in the area of the puncture. On the inside it looks like it goes through only a teeny bit. Could I use some tube repair glue and throw some gorilla glue over it, or would that eventually cause a rub and a flat? Or once the sidewall has even a slight gash time to say goodbye?

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