Replacing suspension fork spring
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    Replacing suspension fork spring

    Hi All, Has anyone heard of aluminum ulock mounts? I'm not really finding any online. I've quickly broken three plastic ones with standard use. They don't seem very durable at all. Or if anyone has any creative ways to mount your ulock? Thanks!

    Ulock mounting options

    Hi All, This is my suspension fork... Suntour NRX D HLO. 63mm. Hydraulic Speed Lockout / Preload

    I'd like stiffer suspension than what my fork offers now. My idea is to change to a stiffer spring to achieve that. I wrote to Suntour asking about this. This was their response... "It does not appear as though spring kits are available for the NRX forks."

    Are stiffer 3rd party springs available for my fork or is a whole new fork my only option? All comments are welcome, thanks!

    (btw, Preload is already set to max!)

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    Preload adjusters on coil springs don't do anything. You'll never find parts for inexpensive forks like that from the manufacturer much less after market. You need to get an air spring fork to have easily adjusted preload.
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    Preload adj will never make a system stiffer. You need stiffer springs or higher air pressure in an air shock (IMO).

    It would probably be easier just to get a new fork, but if you can find springs.....

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    Suntour are very entry level forks and probably not worth servicing even if it were possible to do so.

    I would concur the only way to rectify this would be to replace the fork. There are many good options out there depending on your budget, but if you want something of quality, it won't be cheap.

    You may want to go to the sister site and read some user reviews on suspension forks:
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