Ride Shimano 10-speed - do I need 10-speed cassette on trainer?
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    Ride Shimano 10-speed - do I need 10-speed cassette on trainer?

    My road bike has an Ultegra 6600 10-speed drivetrain and D-A chain. I'm looking to get a rear wheel to use on the trainer. If I put anything other than a Shimano 10-speed cassette on the wheel, will I have to make rear derailleur adjustments every time I change the rear wheel?

    Should I get an Ultegra cassette or is 105 good enough (don't want chain to wear unnecessarily and transmit that wear to my FSA crank and Ultegra cassette)?

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    No more than shimano cassettes cost, using a 105 10 speed would be wise. If you don't then RD adjustments may indeed be necessary. Obviously the cog spacing is different so the RD won't align with the cogs after a few shifts.

    What level of shimano product you choose will not affect wear on the chain or other components.

    Personally, use my regular wheels on the trainer. Properly setup, a trainer causes little tire wear and the wheel sees far less load than normal riding produces. The cogs that I use (12-16T) are also not the ones that get the most use during my normal riding, so I don't gain cassette life using a different wheel. If I did use a dedicated trainer wheel, I'd put an old cassette on it, since the 12-16T cogs are fine.
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