Sachs, Suntour group?

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  • 02-26-2005
    Sachs, Suntour group?
    I remember suntour and sachs and Mavic made beautiful looking components, yet all are out of component group business (7 speed era)

    Were their components not popular? Why did they all go out of the component manufacturing business?

    1 idea: technical innovation ie hyperglide. But I believe suntour had powerflo, even compact cranks long time ago
    (for mtb)
  • 02-26-2005
    That brifter shifting thing killed Suntour.

    Sachs just wasn't too well-known in the US and died off as their own brand before being bought by Sram.

    I've ridden and loved both. Yes, I still miss Superbe Pro!

  • 02-27-2005
    Keeping up with Junior
    ...Mountain bikes and indexed shifting were major changes that took over the bicycling market in about two years...SunTour's struggle to keep up with the market changes was exacerbated by the revalued yen....

    Excellent article here: