Selle SMP F30 and F20

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  • 07-27-2020
    Jay Strongbow
    Selle SMP F30 and F20
    Has anyone tried or seen one of these in person?

    Am I correct that these are a bit more 'normal' in shape meaning they are flatter as compared to their other models? (if I'm to trust on-line pictures the answer is yes)

    I've been using their Stratos model for years......probably about 60k miles between two of them.

    It's been very good until this year and I think that it because of covid doing away with group rides I've been doing a lot of super long rides and less real hammering so more pressure on the saddle for extended periods.

    I feel really 'planted' in one spot with the Stratos and don't mind that. But my theory is that that is causing seat bone pain towards the end of 8-9 hour rides and a flatter saddle would have me moving a little more thus not concentrating all the pressure in one spot for all the time.

    The good news with the Stratos is that the pain is exactly where I should be sitting so maybe I'm just asking too much to be able to do 8-9 hours saddle time and not get sore. And the cut out does it's job perfectly (no 'man issues' at all)

    Anyway, curious if anyone has tried the F30 or F20 especially if you can compare it to one of their more radical looking designs like the Stratos. Did you feel less 'planted'?