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    Quote Originally Posted by frdfandc View Post
    If they are the Aksium UST Disc, then no tape is needed. If it has tape, then the wheels are not tubeless, because Mavic only does UST where no tape is needed.
    Not true. The Mavic website says that rim tape is required for Mavic Aksium Elite Disc UST wheels. I received a pair of tubeless valves with the bike.

    Road UST is different than mountain UST. Mavic dumbed down the requirements for road UST (i.e., rims beds can have spoke holes and sealant can be required).

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    Shimano 105 vs. Ultegra

    I think I'm going to assume that the rims were taped with the correct Mavic rim tape. It's tape instead of a rim strip, it's green like the Mavic tape looks, and it's the proper width.

    And the tubeless Mavic tire can be removed and installed without tire levers!
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    Good choice on the 105! I have both a 5800 bike and a 6800 bike and can't tell the difference in shifting. They both shift flawlessly.

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